Metis Conference Identity Discussion 2016

Download: Metis Conference Identity Discussion 2016

Description: A Commentary on Select Presentations at the University of Ottawa Conference on “Reconciliation and the Metis of Canada”
Authors: Larry Chartrand and Jade Fletcher

Abstract: A commentary surrounding the discussion that took place on the two-day conference hosted by the Metis Treaties Research Project (MTRP).

The relationship between Metis people(s) and Canada is key to meaningful reconciliation. The impact of the Daniel’s case, which was sparked by the denial of this relationship, has emphasized the importance of reconciliation with the Metis. There were many expert perspectives expressed during the conference, which showed that more similarities than differences were articulated regarding Metis identity. There still remains debate on the approach to identifying Metis communities, specifically when questioning the existence of the Metis outside the Red River community. The discussion, particularly stemming from Sebastien Grammond’s presentation, brought forward cases such as Vautour and why Metis rights did not succeed. Daniels however, states that there is no consensus on who is Metis or non-status Indians and that there is no need for this consensus to exist. The discussion continues among scholars and practitioners, with the call for further research on an equitable relationship among the Metis and Canada and Metis and First Nations.